Your 2020 Blues, Brews, and BBQ Music lineup!

Friday Sept. 18

Crossroads - TreZz HombreZz - The Heather Newman Band

Saturday Sept 19

Richie Darling & the Diamond Cut Blues Band - Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice -The Hillary Fitz Band - Albert Castiglia - Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Nick Schnebelen


A dance-oriented band, playing an eclectic mix of rock, pop, country, blues, and anything else that will get people on their feet and on the dance floor. Crossroads’ vocals and musicianship makes them one of the more versatile bands in the region. 

Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice

Drawing inspiration from legendary blues icons, classic rockers of the 60's and 70's, and alternative rockers of the 90's, Nathan Bryce continues to carry on the tradition of guitar driven rock. This rock trio features the incredibly soulful vocals and the emotional powerhouse guitar of Nathan Bryce. Sitting firmly in the pocket and providing the backbone is the "Loaded Dice" rhythm section of bassist/vocalist Jeff Garcia and drummer Jeff Whittington. This group of veteran musicians have earned impressive resumes' that include touring both regionally and nationally as well as studio credits with a who's who list of legendary industry icons. Nathan Bryce & Loaded Dice feature original music from the catchy blues shuffle "Movin,'" to the psychedelic rock of "Boombox Quality," and the Alternative rock sounds of "JJ Hector, "Tired" and Night Drivin."' This band is not a one trick pony! Mixed with an extensive library of inventive covers, rock classics, and blues standards, this band delivers their sound with full on passion.

Hillary Fitz Band

Hillary Fitz is a Saint Louis based singer-songwriter. Her style is a fusion of indie-folk, bluegrass, and blues influences. 
Her guitar-playing combines elements of bluegrass and jazz, to form a unique finger picking style. Her vocals draw inspiration from jazz & soul female vocalists whom she admires - such as Billie Holiday, Regina Spektor, Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, Sarah Vaughn and more. 


Albert Castiglia

The Miami-raised musician served an apprenticeship while backing legendary blues musician Junior Wells. He later went on to work with singer Sandra Hall. Never content to allow himself to be confined to any particular category, he embarked on a solo career that’s yielded eight critically acclaimed album and consist kudos for his exceptional instrumental prowess, his searing vocals, and live performances that have dazzled audiences from coast to coast. It’s little wonder that Miami’s New Times lauded him as South Florida’s “Best Blues Guitarist” or that USA Today was inspired to remark “It's a revelation to discover the thrilling retro-electric blues from this astonishing young guitarist.” Likewise, called Castiglia “one of those mid-tier artists that is just one album away from breaking big and becoming a household word in the blues world.” Or, as M Music & Musicians once noted, “His back-to-basics approach follows in the footsteps of those who fostered the blues in the Mississippi Delta and the smoky late-night haunts of Chicago.”

The Heather Newman Band

Heather Newman had picked up a bass guitar only six months prior to her bands first on stage appearance at Knucklehead's Saloon in Kansas City, MO March 17th, 2017, where she introduced her music to the stylings of Keith Ladd on the guitar , bringing on a unique mixture of American roots genres. The Heather Newman Band immediately began to captivate audiences with their powerful performancesand Heather's dominant yet pixie-like stage presence.

Nick Schnebelen

One of the first things you discover about Nick Schnebelen is his commitment to his music. He does not tippy-toe or wade in; he plunges right into the deep end.  Forceful and determined succinctly describe Nick’s approach to guitar-playing and singing.

That’s always been the basis for Nick’s music, no matter what kind of musical collaboration he’s been in.

“I like things that are very potent and simple,” he says. “They get straight to the point.”

Richie Darling & Diamond Cut Blues Band

The Diamond Cut Blues Band has been playing raw, authentic blues since 2011. On lead we have Richie Darling. It was Richie's vision that got us started. He sings, plays lead guitar, and writes the original songs we play. Richie is easy to spot, too, what with his impressive, award winning, very long beard. On bass, we have John "Dr. Blooz" Wallrapp. Doc learned his craft the hard way, playing in bands in Detroit, Miami, and points in between before moving to St. Louis. Mike "The Hammer" Schleicher is our drummer and the band's wise guy. Mike has been drumming since before the age of 7. He lays down a steady beat, takes on some of the vocal chores, and will say anything if it's outrageous enough. We honor the tradition of the blues musician, taking what we do seriously and having a good time too. The Diamond Cut Blues Band will help you boogie your blues away. Guaranteed.

TreZz HombreZz

A classic ZZ Top Experience…
TreZZ HombreZZ brings all the classic visual and audio ZZ Top experience to its show from the first note to the very last. They hit the stage hard and fast and their talent, fresh fun approach, and irresistible energy make this a rock and roll experience not to miss.

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band has built its reputation the long, slow, hard way. After 12 years of playing as many as 300 shows each year, Rev. Peyton, the world’s foremost country blues finger-style picker, along with the biggest little band in the country has pieced together one of the most dedicated followings out there.